Our Top 50 Bass Sites

We can all agree that there are a lot of bass sites out there that do the bass community a great service by offering among other things: lessons, advice, reviews and instruments. Here at Onlinebassguitar.com we’ve decided to acknowledge what we feel are 50 of best places on the web that really know what they’re talking about when it comes to basses. Whether you’re a keen player, a gear enthusiast, a collector or you’ve just started playing, the sites on this list are places you simply must now about. So, without waiting any longer, here are our Top 50 Bass Sites.

  1. Talkbass.com

Talkbass.com is one of the very first bass forums: it launched in 1998 and has been a stalwart of the online bass guitar community ever since. As well as containing great threads, it encourages interactivity, inviting users to ask questions and contribute answers. But Talkbass.com also provides an excellent “Ask a Pro” forum, which has been host to a number of high-profile contributors, including: Janek Gwizdala, Leland Sklar, Anthony Wellington and the Berklee College of Music Bass Department. As a bass player, you simply HAVE to know this site.


  1. Bassplayer.com (Bass Player Magazine)

Bassplayer.com has impressive pedigree: it is the online arm of Bass Player Magazine, the sister publication to Guitar Player Magazine which has enjoyed enormous success since its inception in 1988. As you’d expect from such a high-profile publication, Bassplayer.com comprises a wealth of excellent content, ranging from interviews with famous players to advice and honest, informative gear reviews. For this reason Bassplayer.com provides a great way of keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest bass news, techniques and releases, and it’s the perfect place to start your research when making those all important decisions about what gear to buy.

  1. Scottsbasslessons.com

Scott Devine’s site is probably the biggest online bass resource there is. It boasts an incredible mix of free and paid lessons, available on both scottsbasslessons.com and his incredible YouTube channel. The lessons are always of extremely high quality, and often include contributions from some of the finest bassists on the planet. Scott also produces a weekly podcast: each week Scott gives great advice on technique and conducts interviews with some of the top players around. These podcasts, like the site, are a great resource and you can download them from iTunes or from the site itself.

  1. Notreble.com

No Treble has become a mainstay for bass players all over the world, after being founded by Corey Brown. It provides: regular updates on gear, free lessons and a thriving forum and social mediacommunity. We particularly recommend Notreble.com’s Facebook group, to which great new articles and videos are posted every day. Also notable is Notreble.com’s weekly “Ask Damian” column, in which Damian Erksine gives detailed answers readers’ questions. Take a look through the site and make sure you subscribe to “Groove – The No Treble Podcast”. They’ve had some amazing guests (the Victor Wooten episode is a favourite of ours) who have shared so much wisdom and knowledge. It’s truly great listening. 

  1. Basschat.co.uk

Bass chat is the world’s second largest online forum of bass players. It comprises a huge number of threads and forums to which it invites its users to contribute. Basschat.co.uk has a thread or a forum for pretty much every aspect of bass playing, including: classified advertisements in which users buy and sell equipment; threads providing excellent advice on gear, playing and practice; and threads gigs. More than that, Basscaht.co.uk has created an online community that is also one of the friendliest on the Web. It’s a must visit site for any bass player.

  1. Bassguitarmagazine.com

Bassguitarmagazine.com is an absolute staple for bassists in the UK. Founded in 2003 as a bi-monthly paper publication, it is now a thriving online magazine available on any device, thanks to Bassguitarmagazine.com’s excellent iPhone/iPad app. The site is packed with great interviews, gear reviews and competitions; and with a years’ subscription available for a very modest £43.75, the site provides excellent value for money.

  1. Studybass.com

Studybass.com is a great site: it includes some great features, many of which have been helping bassists for years. Studybass.com also has an excellent YouTube channel; but most impressive is the site itself, which will: help you design custom practice schedules, guide you through your new routine but also it helps to track your practice stats. This is a great feature and an invaluable practise tool. To access it, you have to sign up and become a member of the Studybass.com itself, but membership is well worth it, as you’ll see when you’re reaping the rewards of your new practise schedule!

  1. Bassmusicianmagazine.com

Bassmusicianmagazine.com is a free online magazine that always features excellent content from high-profile contributors, such Damian Erskine, Oteil Burbridge and Michael Manring, to name but a few. This month (April 2016) is no exception: check out the feature contributed by there’s a feature with Beyoncé’s Divinity Roxx. They also share loads reader videos and pictures every day to their huge Facebook, twitter and instagram audiences which is a great way to support the online bass community. In short, it’s a great site; check it out!

  1. Artistworks.com

Artistworks.com is tuition site boasting a faculty of world class bassists, including: Nathan East, Missy Raines and John Patitucci. Upon joining Artistworks.com users can buy a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month tuition plan. Each plan enables users to study with players at the top of the profession. As mentioned the content at Artistworks.com isn’t free, but it is very reasonably priced, given the immense quality that’s on offer. Where else on the Web can you get a lesson with John Patitucci?!

  1. Bassdirect.co.uk

Bass direct is many bassists’ go-to online shop simply because it carries everything you’ll ever need, including: instruments, amps, pedals, strings volume pots, and pretty much any other accessory you can think of. If you’re looking for a bargain, check out Bassdirect.co.uk’s fantastic “Used and Ex-Demo” section: it exclusively lists pre-owned gear and you can often find some amazing things at great prices.

  1. Tonygreybassacademy.com

Simply put, Tony Grey’s bass tuition site provides amazing lessons. The lessons cover a great range of topics, so you’ll find this site an invaluable resource, whether you want to improve your soloing, theory, groove playing or technique. The content available from Tonygreybassacademy.com isn’t free, but the subscription is well worth the money: Tony’s clear and detailed lessons make learning so easy and if you’re wanting to take your playing up a notch then this is a site you should take a serious look at. However, if you’re not yet ready to part with your hard earned cash then check out the free taster lessons available on Tony’s YouTube channel.

  1. Berklee.edu

www.Berklee.edu is the official site for Berklee College of Music, located in Boston, MA. Berklee College Of Music should be a serious consideration for all those intent on studying and playing bass professionally: it’s faculty is second to none and has taught Matt Garrison, Tony Grey, Janek Gwizdala and Esperanza Spalding, to name but a few; there’s also no dispute that Berklee provides one of the best networks of young musicians in the world. www.Berklee.edu provides full details of the College’s Bass faculty and available programmes, which include online degrees and summer study programmes. The site also details the scholarships that Berklee College of music has to offer.

  1. Videobasslessons.tv

Videobasslessons.tv is a tuition site is run by Janek Gwizdala. Janek is a regular on both the New York, LA and international jazz scene, performing and recording with Mike Stern, Jojo Mayer and as a band leader in his own right. This site showcases Janek’s talents as a teacher: new lessons are uploaded each week and Janek offers a range of great 12 week courses that users can work through. The content covers a wide range of topics, from groove work to theory and soloing. Access to the site is by way of a monthly $39 subscription, but this represents extremely good value for the content available; and given Janek’s undoubted jazz credentials, the investment should be a no-brainer for all those interested in jazz and improvisation.

  1. Basscentral.com

Bass central is a great site for picking up boutqiue bass gear. They’ve got a massive selection of instruments (both new and used with left handed models available), and their list includes top brands, such as Fodera, Dingwall and Fender Custom Shop. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual then this is the place to go!

  1. Activebass.com

Activebass.com is a hidden gem: it publishes great lessons on mainstream music styles like Jazz, Funk and R&B; but its strength is the material it publishes on lesser known areas like Electronica, Folk, Reggae and Experimental. TAB accompanies all lessons, and the tutorials are helpfully arranged by difficulty, allowing users quickly to find lessons at the appropriate skills level and track their progress. Activebass.com also publishes interviews and videos, as well as hosting forums which provide help and advice to their members. If you want to expand your horizons and your repertoire, then check this site out: you’ll find a brand new featured lesson on its homepage every day!

  1. Aguilaramp.com

Aguilaramp.com is the online home of bass amp manufacturers Aguilar. Aguilar are renowned for producing very high quality amps; their “Tonehammer” head, for example, is a high quality rig that’s both portable and powerful. But Aguilar also have a have a fine line of pedals, pickups, preamps and cabinets. Their list of endorsees includes Paul Turner, Jimmy Haslip and Adam Clayton, and it’s easy to see (and hear!) why Aguilar have become such a popular choice amongst bass players. www.aguilaramp.com showcases Aguilar’s full product range and is a great place to look for some truly excellent grear!

  1. Bassplayersunited.com

Bassplayersunited.com is an online magazine and one of the largest bass playing communities on Facebook. The magazine, which boasts some excellent contributors and includes a great set of features on a range of issues, is available from the iTunes store or on Google Play. Bassplayerunited.com’s Facebook group is extremely active and a great place to find updates, video performances and lessons from bass players all over the world. Head over to their page and give them a like!

  1. Jamplay.com

Jamplay.com is a tuition site whose faculty boasts some very serious players, including Danny Morris (Berklee Faculty) and John Deservio (Black Label Society). As you’d expect the lessons provided by Jamplay.com are of excellent quality: each lesson is beautifully shot in HD via multiple camera angles that provide users with some of the most comprehensive instruction on the Web; additionally, all lessons come accompanied with customised material that you can download and use in your own practice. All Jamplay’s lessons can be streamed straight to you device or phone. Check this site out; it’s an awesome site!

  1. Music.usc.edu (Thornton School Of Music)

This is the official site of Thornton School of Music, one of the most respected music schools in the USA. Thornton School of Music is an excellent place to study the bass; it has a first-rate faculty, that notably includes Alphonso Johnson. This site details all the programmes offered by Thornton School of Music, and is definitely worth a look for those of you planning to study and play professionally.

  1. Victorwooten.com

It almost goes without saying that Victor Wooten is one of the most influential bassists of all time. This site is Wooten’s online home and provides invaluable information on his gear and upcoming tour dates. But Victorwooten.com also showcases Wooten’s talents as a teacher through some excellent instructional videos that are a must for all students of the bass. The site also details how to sign up for Wooten’s renowned bass camps, and houses a great store, from which you can purchase some of Wooten’s books; The Music Lesson comes highly recommended!

  1. Bestbassgear.com

Bestbassgear.com is a fantastic online bass store. Whether you’re after volume pots and strings or a whole new rig, you’ll find an impressive list of products on this brilliant site. Bestbassgear.com also houses a great blog that regularly features posts on all aspects of bass gear, from details on how to build basses, to a “Bass of the Week” section that provides a great way discover new products on the market. Simply put, this is a superb site.

  1. Ashdownmusic.com

Ashdown make some of the best amps around. Testimony to this is the list of endorsees boasted by this site, which includes both Lenny Kravitz and Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new amp then you must take a look at this site. Ashdown.com details the full range of Ashdown products and no matter what your budget or playing style is, you’ll find something great on this site.

  1. Sadowsky.com

Sadowsky Guitars make some of the World’s finest basses: founder Roger Sadowsky has made instruments for Tal Wilkenfeld, Dave Swift and Pat Metheny (yes, Sadowski make superb guitars, too!); and he famously modified a Fender Jazz bass for Marcus Miller. The Sadowsky site provides details on the full range of Sadowsky basses and some great photographs of these stunning instruments. There’s no point pretending that these instruments are cheap, but for those looking to make a serious investment in a serious instrument, a visit to this site is a must.

  1. Fodera.com

Fodera are giants in the world of bass luthiers. The company, which was founded in 1983 by Vinnie Fodera and Joey Lauricella, have created some of the finest custom basses in history. They’ve been making instruments for Anthony Jackson for years, and their client list also includes Matt Garrison, Victor Wooten, Richard Bona and James Genus. Those with the money should definitely check this site out for details of these fantastic instruments. Fodera.com also provides a full list of Fodera strings and cases, which are, of course, well worth a look.

  1. Joehubbardbassvideos.com

Joe Hubbard is a first-rate bassist and educator: he’s performed with Dave O’Higgins, Jim Mullen and Dave Weckl; written books on the bass that have sold over 300,000 copies world-wide; and his previous students include Paul Turner of Jamiroquai and Pino Palladino. Joehubbardbassvideos.com is packed full of incredible lessons and houses a very active YouTube channel. Access to the site content is by subscription and there are a range of packages available to suit different budgets. All these are excellent value for money; this site is a fantastic resource.

  1. Online.berklee.edu

Online.berklee.edu details the online courses offered by Berklee College of Music. As you’ll see, Berklee offers courses at all levels, across a range of styles. These courses offer a means of accessing the great tuition provided by Berklee College of Music and come with a more modest price tag than Berklee’s full degree progamme. This site is well worth a visit if you want to study the bass to a high level without moving to Boston.

  1. Forbassplayersonly.com

Forbassplayersonly.com is a great interviews site run by bass player Jon Liebman. The site is regularly updated with bass news, articles and interviews with top players, such as: EtienneMbappe, Joe Sanchez and Jerry Jermont. We love the fact that John also uploads videos of these interviews to the For Bass Players Only YouTube channel. We seriously recommend you subscribe!

  1. Carolkaye.com

Carol Kaye is a session bass legend: she has a staggering 10,000 professional sessions under her belt, and has featured on numerous hits, including music for Quincy Jones, Elmer Bernstein, Dave Grusin and John Williams. Carolkaye.com is Kaye’s online home and it’s well worth a visit. The biography of Kaye is itself reason enough to visit this site; however, Carolkaye.com also gives details of the private Skype lessons that Kaye offers. It’s hard to over-emphasise what an opportunity a private lesson with Carol is: bluntly, it’s the opportunity to Study one-to-one with one of the most experienced and gifted studio bass players of all time. It’s hard to say “no” to an opportunity like that! Check this site out, along with some of Kaye’s recordings.

  1. Mi.edu (Musicians’ Institute)

The Musicians’ Institute is based on Holywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA, has been producing great musicians since 1977. The Musicians’ Institute offers a massive range of courses, all taught by a great faculty. This is another great site to check out if you want to study the bass seriously.

  1. Overwaterbasses.com

Overwater Basses has been in business for 30 years. In that time Overwater have established themselves as a benchmark of both playability and sound. During these 30 years they have madeinstruments for Scott Devine, Guy Pratt and Phil Mulford. This site lists the range of instruments offered by Overwater Basses, as well as detailing ways in which those instruments can customised to suit different playing styles and budget. If you’re in the market for an outstanding instrument, then Overwaterbasses.com is the place to look!

  1. Mcnallysmith.edu

Based in Minnesota, the McNally Smith College of Music has been educating bass players for almost 30 years and has a superb bass faculty. They provide full details of the College’s programmes, as well as the various scholarships that are on offer. We highly recommend that those of you serious about studying the bass check this site out.

  1. Playbassnow.com

Playbassnow.com is a fantastic lessons site that offers a variety of video lessons on theory, technique and a range of playing styles. Playbassnow.com also boasts an extensive list of contributions under the “Guest Teachers” tab. Here, you’ll find some great content from the likes of Janek Gwizdala and Scott Devine. This is an excellent tuition site and a must for students of the bass.

  1. Bassfrontiersmag.com

Bass Frontiers Magazine covers the biggest and most exciting events in the world of bass. As you’d expect, its official site is packed full of excellent gear reviews, lessons, interviews and some awesome videos. Bass Frontiers Magazine is also active on Facebook and we highly recommend heading over to its Facebook page and giving it a like, to keep up with this great publication!

  1. Basstheworld.com

Basstheworld.com houses interviews, lessons and gear reviews. It also boasts a thriving Facebook page and a YouTube channel that provides a mixture of video lessons and performances. These featured performances are a real strength of this excellent channel: they showcase new players and provide a real opportunity to find new music and expand your horizons. Check Basstheworld.com out and make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel. Once you do you’ll see why it’s no surprise that this site has clocked up a massive base of over 100,000 subscribers.

  1. Talkingbass.net

Talkingbass.net is a fantastic tuition site established by Mark J. Smith. Membership of the site is free and provides access to a wealth of fantastic content, including: Talkingbass.net’s active bass forum; a range of excellent video lessons that cover all aspects of bass playing and are unavailable elsewhere; and a library of eBooks and articles on warm ups, repertoire and building practice routines. There’s also the option of paying to access comprehensive courses and backing tracks. The courses, which cover a range of playing styles and techniques, range from beginner to advanced and the prices are very reasonable for what’s on offer. Talkingbass.net is a superb resource!

  1. iBassmag.com (iBass Magazine)

iBass Magazine is an online bass magazine available through both the App Store and Google Play. iBass Magazine provides its subscribers with a mixture of written and audio content. As you’d expect this typically includes interviews with leading players, such as Victor Wooten, Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins; but iBass Magazine also promotes tuition, including a bass lesson in each issue. It’s well worth subscribing to this excellent publication.

  1. Instituteofbass.com

Instituteofbass.com has been providing online bass tuition since 1997. Testimony to the quality of the tuition on offer is the fact that Instituteofbass.com has amassed over 50,000 subscribers. This site offers some of the best online courses around on a diverse range of topics, including: soloing, jazz, site reading and music theory. This content is paid for, but the prices represent great value for money. Their products can also be bought via a range of discount deals and special packages. If you’re after excellent tuition, check this site out!

  1. Cyberfretbass.com

Cyberfretbass.com is a really useful education resource. It provides a great mix of free and paid for lessons on a wide range of subjects from technique and styles, to ear training and reading music. The lessons range from beginner to advanced level, so this site is definitely worth checking out, whatever stage you’re at. Cyberfretbass.com also provides a first-rate Slap Bass course which is packed full of great content that comprises over 4 hours of video, a huge PDF booklet and all the backing tracks you’ll need to get going.

  1. Slapstore.cl

These Chilean bass dealers have created a great site to pick up all the essential bits of gear you could ever need. They stock makes including SIRE, Mono and GruvGear and you can get a lot more than just a bass from them too. They have cases, fret wraps to name a few things that they sell alongside some great basses. If you’re in South America and you need to get some new gear. This is the place to look.

  1. Dudacus.com

Dudcas basses are hand crafted in Cambridge, Massachusetts by luthier Steven Baxter. Steven, a bassist and luthier of 40 years, says he always wanted to create basses that combine great looks, build quality, tone and playability. Given the great reception many of his basses have received, it’s easy to see why he’s been in business for such a long time. The Dudacus website lists basses that are currently in stock and it also gives you the option of contacting Steven about something more bespoke. What ever you’re looking for in a new bass, make sure you stop by this great luthier!

  1. Jonliebman.com

This awesome tuition site is run by Jon Liebman of forbassplayersonly.com. Jonliebman.com provides top-quality lessons on a huge range of topics, such as: sight reading, music theory, style and beginning the bass. Some of these lessons are available free of charge, but we recommend that you pay the monthly subscription fee. The very reasonable enables you to get the most from this site by giving you access to a wealth of comprehensive tutorials from the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced man himself.

  1. Bassguitarblog.com

This great site is devoted to all things bass. It shares news, album and gear reviews, great videos from key figures within the bass community. Bassguitarblog.com also hosts a forum for readers to ask question that it then answers. There is a wealth of excellent content available on this site, and Bassguitar.com contains a really useful search function that allows users to search for specific blog topics; this function is the place to start if you want to look up something specific. This is an extremely informative, well organised site. Check it out and be sure to follow these guys on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Everydaybass.com

If you don’t already know Everydaybass.com, you’re missing out. This fantastic site provides unique, off-beat content comprising some seriously cool articles you can sink your teeth into. Their articles cover a great range of issues from gear to music theory, classic lines to essential recordings. In short, whether you want to learn about a resonator bass (yes, I was surprised they exist too) or you want to geek out with a harmonic analysis of Franz List’s “Nuages Gris” Everydaybass.com has you covered. This is the perfect place to go in order to expand your horizons.

  1. Bassgearmag.com

Bassgermag.com is a top-quality online gear magazine. The site covers all aspects of bass gear, from pedals to prominent luthiers; it has even done a feature on the NAMM show. In short, Bassgermag.com is the perfect place to go in order to brush up on your gear knowledge and find out what’s worth buying. The magazine is easily accessible from the App Store, Google Play; it’s also available on Amazon Kindle.

  1. Creativebasslessons.com

Creativebasslessons.com is a fantastic tuition site. It offers a full range of courses that take users from beginner right through to advanced level. If you’re stuck in a rut or moving into a new area like improvisation, scales or technique, you’ll find this site a great resource. The lessons themselves are delivered by George Urbaszek, and it’s not hard to see why his tuition has earned him a following of over 28,000 bass players so far. Creativebasslessons.com does provide some free lessons via both this site and its YouTube channel, but the non-free lessons are well worth paying for. We recommend taking full advantage of the $2.95 trial offer!

  1. Fretlessbass.com

Fretlessbass.com is a great site dedicated to the fretless bass. As you’d expect, Fretlessbass.com provides a wealth of great articles and interviews with fretless players, as well as reviews of fretless basses and associated gear and album reviews. The site also hosts a community of fretless players who readily contribute to an active online forum where you can discuss all things fretless. Simply put Fretlessbass.com is a great resource for experienced fretless players and those new to the instrument.

  1. Bnjguitars.com

This is the online home of Italian luthiers Bnj Guitars. All of Bnj’s stunning basses are hand crafted in their workshop and once you take a quick look at these instruments you can see every minute of painstaking work and concentration that’s gone into them. If you take a look on their website you can see a wide range of customisation options you can choose from as a potential customer. These basses don’t just look great either. They pack an incredibly clear and full tone too. Have a listen for yourself and learn more about them in this great review video. If you’re looking for a new bass and you want to get a high quality instrument from somewhere a little different then a visit to Bnjguitars.com is a must for you!

  1. Thegibsonbassbook.com

This site offers something very different. The Gibson Bass Book is a 180 page book about some of the finest basses that Gibson has made. The book has been created by Rob van den Broek and features over 400 images of these incredible basses as well as information about their history, electronics, release dates and so much more. There’s even information on over 70 Epiphone models too. The book is priced very reasonably at €30 and really is worth every penny. Needless to say, if you’re a gear fanatic then you simply have to purchase a copy.

  1. Chicagomusicexchange.com

Chicago Music Exchange is an all-purpose music store with a superb bass department, known as the cmeBASSment. The BASSment houses a massive selection of incredible instruments, gear and accessories. And when we say incredible instruments, we mean it: Vintage Fenders and Rickenbackers are representative of what’s available on this great site! Chicagomusicexchange.com is a must visit for those of you looking to upgrade your instrument or set up. We highly recommend you follow Chicago Music Exchange’s Instagram feed too as they post some stunning photos of the gear they have in stock.

  1. Marcobassguitars.com

Marco Bass Guitars make beautiful hand-made instruments to some stunning and unique designs. The company also produces its own hand-wound pickups. However, in our view, the most intriguing aspect of these instruments is the “Fretgroove” technology imbedded in their necks. “Fretgroove” combines the sounds of a fretted and fretless bass on a single neck by replacing frets with grooves that have been drilled into the neck itself. This gives the precision of a fretted bass and the sound of a fretless. It’s a very unique idea that makes instruments produced by this Oregon based luthier well worth checking out.

What do you think of our top 50 bass sites? Do you think we’ve missed anything? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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