bass guitar exercises

Hi there, how's it going?

I’m Hugh Richardson and I’m a professional bassist from London in the UK.

I’ve been very lucky to have a varied career that has included tours, artist gigs, theatre shows, recording sessions, writing, composition and, of course, teaching.

I’ve been fortunate to teach professionally at every from beginner to master’s degree in music schools, universities and privately for years now.

Now that I have all this experience behind me I’m delighted to offer lessons online.

I’d love to speak with you about how I can help you improve. Drop me an email for a free, no-obligation chat about how I can help you.


If you want to enquire about private lessons then contact me by clicking the button below and tell me about yourself and what you want to achieve.

No obligation. No fee.

Just an honest talk about what you want to achieve and how I can help you get there.

And if it feels like I’m not the right teacher for you then that’s completely ok!

I’ll be happy to point you in the direction of someone else who’d be a better fit for you.