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If you’re like most bass players, then you want to be a great slap player. However, like most bass players, you’ve probably had a hard time getting the technique together. Now that’s not great to start with but what makes things worse is that no-one seems to be able to explain exactly how to do it either!

If you’re sick of watching videos that don’t explain anything clearly or reading blog posts which miss out all info on slap then let me introduce you to my Slap Techniques Volume One course.

Slap Techniques Volume One will take you right from the very start of slap playing, build your confidence and skill levels with all the essential slap bass techniques that every bass player has to know! And, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort, the crystal clear teaching in this course can help you transform into a killer slap player in under a month!

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the course…

What's In The Course?

Video Lesson Series


Master the parallel thumb technique!

The parallel thumb technique is the most important cornerstone you’ll need to learn in order to build a great slap technique. In this first section of the course, these video lessons will take you through every detail you need to know to master it.



Build and nurture your slap technique with exercises that have been specifically designed to help bass players at your level, with your goal.

Each video lesson comes with a set of its own exercises designed to help you master the most important fundamentals of slap bass.



You want to learn slap so you can play great music, not just exercises. This is why the second stage of this course is built around learning short grooves to drum tracks.

Studying the slap grooves in this section will push your skills beyond simple exercises and into a much more inspiring and musical context, and be damn good fun at the same time too!

Full tab and notation included as well as audio files of each groove and drum practice tracks.

5 Fully Arranged Play-a-long Backing Tracks


Push your technique onto a completely new level and play to real live musicians by mastering these five backing tracks in the final stage of this course.

Each backing track comes with full tab and notation and all audio and PDF’s which are included in the course are fully downloadable so you can take them with you anywhere on any device.

What Our Students Say...

I have been practicing bass today with your exercises and I have to say I found them very helpful. As a beginner, I must say that the fact that these videos, exercises, and notes were so detailed helped me a lot to understand this technique. Now I can finally practice slap without injuring myself” – Alexandra Vlachou

“A great course to work with! Very clear, lots of ideas that are easy to apply and follow.  I really like the enthusiastic teaching style too. It really motivates me whilst working through the lessons” – Ladina Sasha

So I just finished this slap course and I have to say it’s really well thought out and very descriptive of every little technique and detail. It really gets all the important points across” – Francesco Guiliano

Free Bonus Section


Learn about the best slap players in the world, get to grips with reading tab and start writing slap lines of your own.

You’ll come away from this course with lots to keep your practice and progress going!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have as much fun as possible learning slap so I’ve put this course together to help you along the way.

But don’t worry – this purchase is risk free.

If, for any reason, you don’t like the course then contact me within 30 days of your purchase with proof of your purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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