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The Advantages of Using DR Pure Blues Bass Strings




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Are you looking for a powerful, punchy sound from your bass setup? Dr Pure Blues Bass Strings provide the perfect combination of tone and durability. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, these strings are sure to improve the sound of your bass guitars. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Pure Blues Bass Strings and why they’re becoming increasingly popular with players around the world.

DR Pure Blues Bass Strings: An Overview

Pure Blues Bass strings are a premium brand of strings designed to bring power, punch, and clarity to bass guitars. These strings are made with the highest quality materials and designed by an experienced team of string makers. Their products are well known for their tonally balanced sound and long-lasting durability.

Made By Expert String Makers

The Pure Blues Bass strings are crafted with expertise by experienced string makers. The team behind this product has decades of experience in crafting the finest string sets in the industry. Each set is hand-checked for quality assurance before being shipped out to customers. This attention to detail ensures that customers receive only the best possible product each time.

How do pure blues compare?

The modern bass player will tend to shop around when looking for bass guitar strings because, these days, they have so many options of retailers and of bass guitar strings themselves.

This means, if you want the best sound, it’s not enough to know a few facts about a brand like DR strings or about a particular set like pure blues. You must also know how they compare to the rest of the market on factors such as sound, life span and price.

Life span

If, like most bass players, you play fingerstyle, then you can expect to get good one to three months of usage from a set of pure blues. Granted that lifespan can shift depending on useage, how many gigs you do, if you tend to sweat a lot when you play and how much you like the sound of new bass guitar strings. Yes, some players really do like the thud of old strings!

When compared to brands like Elixir, pure blues don’t have the long life that they do (up six to eight months depending on useage) but they do fair much better than brands like Rotosound and Ernie Ball. Both of which can lose their warm punch after a week or so of heavy useage.


This is a tricky one. On the fact of it, we should just be comparing the price of a set of pure blues with the price of another set like Elixir. But, when the life span of the strings is factored in, it becomes much more complicated.

At the tie of writing, a set of pure blues complete with colourful mids, a round core made from their unique quantum nickel material will cost the modern bass player roughly $25 or $34 for a hand wound set.

However, because the strings only last one to three months, you’ll have to fork out that amount of money every one to three months. So, making a generous assumption that these strings last three months we can see that, on average they’ll cost either $8.34 a month or $11.34 a month for a hand wound set.

On the other hand, a brand like Elixir will cost the modern bass player, roughly $60 a set but last for six to eight months.

If we do the same maths and make a generous assumption that these strings will last the full eight months we can see that they will cost $7.5 a month whilst retaining their warm punch as a result of the coating that’s added after the winding process.


When it comes to choosing bass guitar strings, there are several different manufacturers to choose from and all offer varying levels of sound quality, longevity and playability. In this article, we’ll compare the sound of DR pure blues bass guitar strings with those offered by Elixir, Rotosound and Ernie Ball to give you a better idea of what they each have to offer. DR Pure Blues bass strings are renowned for their ability to deliver a powerful low-end punch while retaining excellent clarity in the higher frequencies.

The strings are constructed with a mix of bronze and steel alloys which provide a bright tone that cuts through the mix and stands out in any style of music. The combination also provides superior durability compared to other brands, meaning these strings will last longer and hold their tuning more reliably over time. A visibly brighter surface finish also gives them a unique look on stage or in the studio.

Elixir bass strings are crafted using an ultra-thin nanoweb coating which is designed to protect the string’s core while providing great tonal consistency and resonance over extended periods. Players who want extended life span often opt for Elixir as they claim that their strings can last up to five times longer than non-coated alternatives. In terms of sound, players enjoy the accuracy provided by Elixir string’s deep lows combined with bright accents without sacrificing any warmth or depth in their sound.

Rotosound’s offering is designed for professional musicians who need responsive strings with reliable tuning stability regardless of how hard they’re playing. These particular strings feature stainless steel wrap wire around hexagonal steel cores which offer a very crisp attack combined with an extremely wide frequency range that produces vivid highs alongside deep lows simultaneously – something many players find attractive when compared to some other brands on the market today.

Finally, Ernie Ball makes bass guitar strings that produce balanced mids with an even response throughout all the notes being played on the fretboard thanks to their patented impregnated “Slinky” windings design. This helps ensure durable construction coupled with long lasting tone due to added protection against rust, dust and dirt particles that can often work their way into unprotected string wraps overtime – making them ideal if you’re looking for dependable performance everytime you pick up your instrument.

In summary, whichever brand you decide upon will ultimately come down to personal preference but knowing how each type compares against one another should help narrow down your search when choosing your next set of bass guitar strings!

A Tonally Balanced String

The signature sound of Pure Blues Bass strings is renowned for its tonal balance and responsiveness across all notes on the fretboard. For players looking for crisp highs, punchy mids, and full lows, these strings provide an outstanding tonal range. They also remain stable under difficult playing conditions such as high humidity or rapid temperature changes without sacrificing tone quality or causing poor intonation.

Stainless Strings

Pure Blues Bass strings are made from stainless steel, making them highly resistant to corrosion and rust. This ensures that the strings will stay in top condition even after long hours of playing. Additionally, these strings are also more durable than other types of strings, allowing them to last longer and deliver superior performance for an extended period of time.

Nickel Feel

The nickel winds featured on these bass strings provide a smooth and responsive feel when playing. The nickel winds also add a rich depth to the tone of your instrument, creating a warm and inviting sound. Plus, they give the strings excellent intonation and sustain, adding character to each note.

Winding Process

The winding process used to create Pure Blues Bass strings is designed to ensure the tightest wind possible without compromising playability or tone quality. This winding process makes it easy to play notes with precision and accuracy while still having great sustain and resonance.

Warm Tone & Smooth Feel

The combination of stainless steel material with nickel-wound construction results in a warm tone that is both full-bodied yet balanced at the same time. Additionally, the smooth feel provided by these bass strings makes them comfortable for long periods of playing time, allowing you to play for hours without any discomfort or fatigue.

Perfect for the Modern Bass Player

Pure Blues Bass strings are designed to meet the demands of today’s players. From their construction to their sound and feel, these strings provide modern bassists with an unparalleled playing experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a good set of strings or a professional in search of that perfect tone, these strings have you covered.

Increased Flexibility

Pure Blues Bass strings are designed with increased flexibility that allows them to bend and vibrate easier, resulting in a more responsive sound. The advanced materials used to create these strings also ensure that they retain their tuning even after long hours of playing. This makes these bass strings perfect for those who need an instrument that can handle the rigors of touring and recording without losing its tone or intonation.

Warm Punch

The combination of stainless steel material and intuitively wound construction creates a warm punch from these strings. The unique blend of materials and techniques also gives the strings a responsiveness that is unlike any other, allowing you to express your musical ideas in new ways. The warm punch makes them ideal for bassists who want to make sure their sound cuts through the mix without being overbearing or harsh.

Round Cores

The round cores featured on Pure Blues Bass strings provide a smooth feel when playing, making them comfortable to use even after long hours of practice or performance time. Additionally, the round cores increase sustain and intonation while producing surprisingly low levels of tension and fatigue on the fingers, ensuring consistent performance every time you pick up your instrument.

Bright Articulate Highs

Pure Blues Bass strings produce bright articulate highs for a crisp and clear sound. The special winding technique used in the construction of these strings helps to preserve the highs, allowing them to remain consistent even after long hours of playing. With this unique clarity and brightness, players can create unique soundscapes with their instrument that will stand out in any mix.

Colorful Mids

The combination of the unique Quantum nickel wrap wire and round cores featured on Pure Blues Bass strings provides a broad range of colors in the mids. This allows bassists to bring out their instrument’s character and add life to their overall tone when playing. Whether you’re looking for a warm or focused sound, these strings will provide you with plenty of options for crafting your signature sound.

Hand Wound for Perfection

Pure Blues Bass strings are hand-wound for maximum accuracy and quality assurance. This process ensures that the strings are wound evenly and tightly so they can produce an even tone across all notes on the fretboard. The hand-winding technique also helps preserve the string’s durability, allowing them to last longer than other types of strings.

Unique Quantum Nickel Wrap Wire

The unique Quantum nickel wrap wire used in Pure Blues Bass strings gives them unmatched harmonic complexity and resonance. This special wire is twisted around each core string multiple times which creates a tighter construction that helps improve your instrument’s sustain and responsiveness while remaining comfortable to play.

The combination of this advanced wrapping technique and premium materials results in a truly remarkable sound that is perfect for modern bassists who crave versatility from their instruments.

Other sets from DR strings

When it comes to DR and bass guitar strings, you don’t just have to go with pure blues. Yes, pure blues are one of DR strings flagship sets, and pure blues are the signature set of acclaimed bassist Victor Wooten, but DR strings as a brand have a lot more to offer than just pure blues.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other DR bass guitar strings you could go with.

What Bass Strings Does Victor Wooten Use?

Victor Wooten is an acclaimed bassist and five-time Grammy Award winner. He uses Pure Blues Bass strings for their bright articulate highs, vibrant mids, and increased flexibility. The combination of these features helps to preserve his signature sound in any musical situation.

Are Pure Nickel Strings Better?

Pure nickel bass strings provide a warmer tone with a more prominent mid-range compared to stainless steel strings. This makes them great for those who want a more articulate sound that cuts through the mix without being too harsh or overbearing.

However, pure nickel strings are also highly prone to corrosion and will need to be changed out twice as often as other types of strings.

What Kind Of Strings Does Victor Wooten Use?

Victor Wooten is an acclaimed bassist and five-time Grammy Award winner who uses Pure Blues Bass strings for their bright articulate highs, vibrant mids, and increased flexibility. These special features help him maintain his iconic tone in any musical situation he finds himself in.

What Strings Does Bootsy Use?

Bootsy Collins is an iconic funk bassist who has been performing for over four decades. He typically uses round wound nickel-plated steel strings on his instrument due to their tendency to produce a full bodied sound with longer sustain and greater articulation than flatwound alternatives.

Additionally, these classic round wound electric bass strings come with Pure Blues’ unique Quantum wrap wire technology which ensures they’ll last you much longer than traditional flatwound offerings.

What Strings Does Jeff Berlin Use?

Jeff Berlin is an internationally renowned jazz/fusion bassist who relies on the unique features of Pure Blues bass strings to maintain his signature sound in any musical situation. He opts for the pure nickel strings due to their crisp articulation, increased flexibility and warm tone.

Where Are Dr Bass Strings Made?

Pure Blues Bass strings are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility located in Thomasville, Georgia, USA. Because all of the materials used to make these exceptional strings are sourced locally and within the United States, you can be sure that you’ll be getting some of the highest quality products available on the market today.

Can You Play Blues On Bass Guitar?

Yes, you can absolutely play blues on bass guitar! The blues music genre is rooted in American folk music and is typically played on electric instruments like electric guitars and electric basses. On the bass guitar, players tend to use percussive techniques such as slapping or popping combined with melodic playing to create a groove perfect for accompanying blues songs.

What Type Of Bass Is Used In Blues Music?

In blues music, electric bass guitars are most often used due to their ability to produce a strong rhythmic pulse that supports the rest of the band while also providing enough harmonic texture to fill out the overall sound. Players tend to favor roundwound nickel-plated steel strings for their powerful tone with plenty of sustain and articulation.

How Do You Play Blues Bass?

Playing blues bass involves a combination of percussive techniques such as slapping or popping combined with melodic playing. This helps to provide the groove and rhythm that is essential for accompanying blues songs. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind the dynamics that help make the song more interesting, like emphasizing certain beats and playing with different intensity levels.

What Is A Blues Bass Line?

A blues bass line is a musical pattern usually played on electric bass guitar to accompany a blues song. It typically involves repeating certain rhythms, walking between chords, and occasionally taking short improvised solos over the top of the groove. The purpose of this line is to provide momentum and harmonic support for the rest of the band while also adding texture and flavor to each song.

Which Bass Is Best For Blues?

Many musicians prefer electric bass guitars for their ability to produce a strong rhythmic pulse that supports the rest of the band while also providing enough harmonic texture to fill out the overall sound.

Players tend to favor roundwound nickel-plated steel strings due to their powerful tone with plenty of sustain and articulation. However, it’s important to consider your own personal style when selecting which instrument will best suit your needs.

What Is The Most Iconic Bass Guitar?

The Fender Precision Bass is one of the most iconic bass guitars in music history. Its sleek silhouette has been gracing stages since its debut in 1951 and its signature sound can be heard on countless classic records from every genre imaginable. From rockabilly music to modern jazz, funk and blues, no other instrument captures such an unmistakable tone like the Fender Precision Bass does!

Pure blues: Unsurpassed sound?

In conclusion, Pure Blues Bass Strings are a great choice for any musician who wants to get the most out of their instrument. They provide superior tone and playability without sacrificing comfort or longevity.

With their superior durability and vibrant sound, they are sure to make your bass playing experience even more enjoyable. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just getting started playing the bass, Pure Blues Bass Strings will give you the level of performance that you need.

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